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NHAT THANG CO., LTD. ( NT CO., LTD. for short ) has been set up for the exclusively export business of Vietnam Traditional Handicraft and Art Products and the import business of material/products serving the production and living locally in Vietnam.

Having engaged in the global market, our products have been of excelent reputation worldwide; from Europe to America, from Asia to Middle-East, from Oceania to North Africa.



leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Bamboo: Bamboo basket, Bamboo webbing, Bamboo screen and curtain, Bamboo furniture, Flooring bamboo, Bamboo poles, etc.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Rattan: Rattan basket, Rattan webbing, Rattan dust beater, Rattan furniture, Rattan core, Peeled rattan, Rattan skin, etc.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Fern basket and small items.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Coir (coconut fibre) products: Doormat, Rope, Fibre material, etc.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Seagrass: Mat and Matting, Doormat, Basket, Beachmat.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Maize-straw Mat and Carpet.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Palm-leaf : Basket, Hat and Slipper.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Jute and Cotton-yarn Carpet and Mat.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Embroidery and Venice lace: Tablecloth, Bedsheet, Bedcover, Doily, etc.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Products made of cotton fabric: Working glove, Working cloth, Towel, Napkins, etc.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Ceramics, Porcelain, Teracotta and Earthenware: Flower vase, Planter pot, Flower pot, Umbrella stand, Bowls and Dishes, Tea-set and other small items.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Lacquerware: Picture, Flower vase, Bowl, Plate, Make-up and Jewellery Boxes, etc.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Wood carving, Wood beads and Wooden furniture.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) Antique finished zinc
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) And other consumer products.
leabul1e.gif (224 bytes) ETEKET



1. Non-ferous Metal: Zinc Ingot, Lead Ingot, Aluminium Ingot, Copper, etc.

2. Electric/Electronic Appliances.

3. Machine, Equipment and Vehicles for domestic distribution.

4. Construction Material.

5. Other Consumer Products.

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Address: 143 Lang Ha  Str - Dong Da Dist. - Ha Noi -Viet Nam
Phone:    84 - 4 - 5623794
Fax:        84 - 4 - 5623793
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